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Top 5 Coaching Kata Questions | Continuous Coaching Commitment

In the beginning stages of implementing the Toyota Kata, an organization outlines its goals, communicates its vision and chooses its departmental challenges through value stream mapping and perhaps the Hoshin Kanri. As these steps are completed, the process moves forward by setting target conditions. Your manager or other coach will work to ensure that everyone stays on course […]

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Everyone Communicates, Few Connect | 1 Day Course | KATA

The majority of companies in the US are increasingly relying on a wide range of continuous improvement methodologies, which include the Lean principles to remain competitive and sustainable. However, most of them have been unsuccessful due to various reasons, with communication being at the top of the list. If your conventional Lean deployment systems are […]

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New KATA and thinking around hiring results in better bottom-line

  In the world of hiring and recruiting, most anyone could say they’ve experienced the wait-and-see game as a job seeker. But what’s behind that wait on the employer side? Obviously time, but as well, the reality that time is tied closely to dollars: The longer the hiring time, the more it costs the bottom-line. […]

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