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Developing Meta-Habits at Baptist Memorial Memphis Hospital Emergency Department

In the improvement world, Kata is the deliberately practiced thinking routine that turns repetitive mental activities into an unconscious meta-habit: As described in yesterday’s blog, a learner is guided by a coach(Improvement Kata) and answers a series of questions from the coach(Coaching Kata); a second coach frequently observes the learner/coach interaction and offers guidance. With […]

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Baptist Prepares to Open Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

By Andy Meek Baptist Memorial Health Care is opening a 12-bed pediatric intensive care unit next week at the Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital, the latest addition to Baptist’s growing suite of pediatric services. Baptist Children’s Hospital opened its 10-bed emergency department in January and has been caring for a steadily increasing stream […]

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New KATA and thinking around hiring results in better bottom-line

  In the world of hiring and recruiting, most anyone could say they’ve experienced the wait-and-see game as a job seeker. But what’s behind that wait on the employer side? Obviously time, but as well, the reality that time is tied closely to dollars: The longer the hiring time, the more it costs the bottom-line. […]

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