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Everyone Communicates, Few Connect | 1 Day Course | KATA

The majority of companies in the US are increasingly relying on a wide range of continuous improvement methodologies, which include the Lean principles to remain competitive and sustainable. However, most of them have been unsuccessful due to various reasons, with communication being at the top of the list. If your conventional Lean deployment systems are beginning to lose their momentum and starting to erode, you will want to introduce KATA training, which is comprised of Coaching KATA and Improvement KATA.

These concepts are primarily focused on developing a sustainable culture that essentially encourages continuous improvement in your company. For instance, enrolling yourself and your employees in the KATA 1 day course will equip your team with a unique blend of leadership principles and proven Lean principles. This is in addition to offering your staff unprecedented perspective on ways to work together for sustainable gains. The KATA 1 day course is comprised of the following content.

How to Become a Person of Influence

Every individual is capable of influencing others regardless of their position in the organization. This is achievable when your life connects with that of another; it’s only then that you can exert influence. However, while most people can communicate with others fluently, few can achieve a strong connection with their peers. This is where the KATA 1 day course comes in handy. During this course, you will learn how to connect with others, whether at home, at play or at work, while positively impacting the lives of the people around you.

You’ll also learn how to communicate in a way that reduces waste; this entails using fewer resources to achieve greater value for your customers and employees. For instance, it is important to identify vital steps that eliminate content that doesn’t create much value for your audience. If, for example, you are conversing with potential customers, you will want to create clarity and understanding, since a confused mind is often compelled to reject ideas. Similarly, great communication with your employees ultimately boils down to good relations, which will add value to their lives and help them reach their optimal potential.

Bridging the Gap Between the Leader and the Led

Through the KATA 1 day course, you’ll learn the important principle of empathy. This involves seeing things from your team’s perceptive, which essentially closes the gap between the management and the front line. Such Lean initiative can potentially accelerate your capacity to influence and connect with your team. This will allow you to accomplish your company mission while also learning to value and respect others and their differences. This ultimately leads to enhanced relationships, teamwork and great results.

Holding an effective conversation is arguably the best way of instigating change for the better. Through good communication, confusion is cleared, issues are aired, people are content and changes are smoothly implemented. The most prominent problem regarding communication is the erroneous illusion that it has already occurred. It is not unusual to find people miscommunicating in a way that causes wasted effort, time and goodwill. Ineffective communication could be the one thing standing in the way of your success.

While having the right set of skills and being experienced is important in every industry, it’s imperative that you learn to connect with people if you want to succeed. Luckily, the KATA 1 day course gives you the much-needed opportunity to learn the art of communicating in a manner that connects you with others. This course is ideally focused on teaching you communication KATA, a set of key behaviors that serves to increase your chances of being heard, understood and subsequently obeyed.


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