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Continuous Coaching Commitment, LLC is a complete client oriented, servant leader in the deployment of Toyota Kata, Lean Trainings, Six Sigma/Lean Sigma Kaizen, and Leadership development company. We service all types of manufacturing, service, and healthcare organizations both nationally and globally. Our mission, being faith based, is to deliver tangible results in a servant leadership style of delivery. We strive daily to serve our clients by “teaching them to fish” and work ourselves out of a job.

We believe if we remain humble, and people-centric in the delivery of our services and coach client companies to teach and develop their own brand of customized lean transformations and leadership development, that true daily change for the better will result with 100% employee engagement.

Focus on the PEOPLE, and the numbers will COME.
Focus on the NUMBERS and the people will GOimage007


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Our Values

  • Integrity =  Maintaining honesty, fairness and strong moral principles by DOING THE RIGHT THING at all times. This is our most important value.
  • Dedication = To devote wholly and earnestly, as to a purpose, cause, or person.
  • Excellence = SUPERIORITY in performance. Using observation and data to pursue CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.
  • Accountability = An active commitment to CUSTOMERS, COMPANY and TEAMWORK that takes priority over personal gain.
  • Success/Quality of Life =  Achieving personal BALANCE in all aspects of life – spiritual, family, professional, personal and social.


Client Testimonials

  • We have cut turnaround time down from 45 min to 25 min, and the 23 KATAs resulted in $5.2M. With the help Brandon and his coaches at Continuous Coaching Commitment, the Kata work has allowed us to improve our Surgery Department turnaround time from over 45 minutes to 25 minutes, while increasing our first case on time starts from 48% to over 90%.  This has allowed us to increase our surgical capacity volume by 15% with no additional labor while at the same time reducing our overtime by 3%.

    D. Dye Vice President, Administrator and CEO Baptist Memorial Memorial Hospital – Memphis
  • Jim Huntzinger

    Brandon delivered an excellent Keynote at the 2017 TWI Summit in San Diego. He spoke about the work he is doing at Baptist Memorial Healthcare helping them develop their integration of TWI and Kata into their daily routines and overall business objectives. Using Kata to deploy the J-Programs Brandon has helped them greatly accelerate their progress and more deeply utilize TWI into their processes and improvement objectives. It was also a very personal story as Brandon has had to deal with the failures of the healthcare system and its broken processes in family matters. So his works improves things personally and well as professionally for him and many others. Great presentation Brandon!


    J. Huntzinger
  • “Brandon can move your team to a new way of thinking with KATA.”  – Mary Townsend-Gervis, CNO, Baptist Memorial Hospital – DeSoto

    Mary Townsend-Gervis, Chief Nursing Officer, Baptist Memorial Hospital – DeSoto
  • “Brandon has led several very successful training workshops in Toyota Kata at the La-Z-Boy Tennessee campus over the past 2 years. I feel that our collaboration with Brandon and his team has been instrumental in the successful implementation of this new continuous improvement and learning process. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone needing support in Toyota Kata or other Lean concepts.”   – Bill Hays, Operations and Strategic Planning, La-Z-Boy Corporation

    Bill Hays, Operations and Strategic Planning, La-Z-Boy
  • “What a wonderful opportunity to recommend an incredibly gifted individual. I have met very few individuals in life that have both a strong technical background with equal people skills. Brandon is that individual. He displays these attributes all within a true humble and servant leadership approach. I have learned so much from Brandon both by being coached by him and watching him coach others. He has demonstrated and taught me both the art and science of coaching. I am always amazed at how much he invests himself in making both your processes and your people better. It is an honor to both work with Brandon and also call him a friend!”  Skip Steward, Chief Improvement Officer, Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp.

    Skip Steward, Chief Improvement Officer, Baptist Memorial Health Care
  • “We would get around a table to brainstorm, then make a plan, and thought we were making progress, but nothing changed. We’ve always done broad strokes, brainstorming…but we were asked to go slow, to go fast.  Brandon wanted us to focus on one small (specific area of need with the most openings) to get momentum.  It wasn’t until we broke down the process, that we could see progress.  The faster positions are filled, there is a reduction in overtime, it reduces turnover, it’s better for morale in general, and gives Baptist a competitive edge. ” said Nancy Averwater, Vice President of Human Resources.

    Nancy Averwater, Vice President of Human Resources
  • “Brandon has been a huge contributor to the success of AMS and over the last year or so has delivered more client service agreements and revenue than anyone in AMS history.”

    Dan Curtis
  • “Brandon was professional and presented the material in a fast paced manner that kept everyone engaged. By using a Buzz Electronic’s simulation we were able to easily see the principals that Brandon was teaching.”

    Stuart Powell, President/CEO/Owner at Cookshack, Inc.
  • “Brandon delivered a great training at the University of Applied Sciences in Ansbach, Germany in January 2014. Small team, great trainer, very hands on, good discussions!”

    Dr. A. Heime
  • “We recently had a lean event for scrap reduction. The scrap percentage taken before and after the lean event conducted by Brandon Brown was a staggering 50% decrease on that line.”

    M. Hoyng
  • “The more that I KATA, the more I like KATA.  I could have been so much more effective as a supervisor on the shop floor had we been doing this 25 years ago.  I’ve coached a little and now I am experiencing the learner’s role.  KATA gives structure to an otherwise chaotic day.”

    W. Street
  • “I felt that between our preparation, our approach, our culture and with Brandon Brown’s guidance and teaching that we gave our Cloyes Gear team the best conditions to succeed. We have achieved 11 Challenges completed in first 2 years TOTALING  = $1.1 M, this was a  12 x Return on Investment.”  John Brandt, VP Quality at Cloyes Gear & Products, Inc.

    John Brandt, VP Quality at Cloyes Gear & Products, Inc.


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