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About the workshop

TWI – JI is a great instruction tool that breaks down work activities and creates a standard method for instructing, especially when the process variability is high. This workshop aims to explore the use of the TWI job instruction to overcome the Kata “Domino” Challenge and how to use trial run testing of job instruction breakdowns as a PDSA experiment to develop the standard methods of success with the Kata Domino challenge.

After using the 4 planning steps to improve Kata and understanding the challenge, current condition, establishing target condition, and obstacles, the team-wise variations in work methods will be examined. Lastly, after completing PDSA steps toward the target conditioning using TWI job instruction, the best method for division of labor and stacking will be created.

Workshop Details

Date: 30th October, 2023
Time: 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Location: Hilton Cleveland Downtown
Session code: MW/07

What you will learn

Participants will learn and understand how to incorporate TWI-job instruction with Toyota Kata.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for professionals from the manufacturing and healthcare sectors and those looking to maximize learning on topics like Kata and TWI.

Meet the presenters!


1) Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown, the proprietor and a highly skilled Toyota kata master coach and lean instructor at Continuous Coaching Commitment, LLC, has a remarkable track record of delivering concrete and sustainable improvements in various industries. Over a decade, from 2012 to 2022, he dedicated a major portion of his career to coaching and instructing professionals in healthcare and manufacturing. His expertise has been shared with renowned organizations such as Rockline Industries, La-Z-Boy Furniture, Nike Footwear and Apparel, Bryan Health in Lincoln, Baptist Memorial Health Care, and numerous others in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Brandon Brown’s influence extends internationally. He was chosen as the keynote speaker at the inaugural TWI-Kata Summit held in Prague, CZ, and Zilina, SK, in Central Europe. This summit commemorated the release of the 19th language edition of the Toyota Kata book. His teachings on the Toyota kata method have reached audiences across the globe, with more than 300 sessions conducted in locations spanning Canada to Sweden, Germany, the University of Gent in Belgium, The Netherlands and for companies in Malaysia, Vietnam, and The Philippines.


2) Dirk Van Rossum

Dirk Van Rossum, a mechanical engineer with a background in aerospace manufacturing, embarked on a remarkable journey spanning over 30 years, encompassing diverse industries and continents. His career trajectory led him through various operational and lean leadership positions, including roles in automotive components, medical devices, aeronautical components manufacturing, and healthcare.

In 2010, Van Rossum initiated his foray into Toyota Kata and A3 learning methodologies. This exploration evolved into a distinctive approach, utilizing Kata thinking as a comprehensive, high-level coaching framework for developing strategic initiatives. Concurrently, he began experimenting with insights from the Shingo model, emphasizing principles, behaviors, and systems to drive transformative change. In his present capacity, Van Rossum continues his quest for knowledge and improvement by conducting experiments that involve implementing Toyota Kata improvement, coaching routines, and TWI job instruction across multiple sites.

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