Podcasts & Webinars

Podcasts & Webinars


Brandon Brown on Toyota Kata Culture


Baptist Memorial Case Study: Using Kata to Deploy TWI

GA 152 | TWI, Kata, and Respect for People with Skip Steward and Brandon Brown


GA 109 | How to Leverage Toyota Kata with Brandon Brown



Skip Steward, Chief Improvement Officer, Baptist Memorial Health Care – From Manufacturing to Healthcare – Reflections on Continuous Improvement

Listen to the Continuous Coaching Commitment Podcasts

The Science of Thinking


Business 901 Video Podcasts with Joe Dager

1. What is Toyota Kata?

2. Using Kata for Alignment

3. Establishing the Target Condition

4. Picking the Obstacle to Overcome

5. Overcoming an Obstacle

6. The Coaching Kata

7. Putting Kata into Action