Visual Workplace Resistance

Learn How to Deal with Resistance Through a Visual Workplace and TWI-Job Relations

Every employee reacts a bit differently to the work environment around them. They may put up walls and resist change or even orders given out by you and other managers. There are ways to deal with these kinds of situations without immediately letting someone go. You’d hate to lose a good worker, especially after you have already put in the time, effort and money training them. That is why the best course of action is to learn how to deal with resistance through a visual workplace. With the help of Continuous Coaching Commitment, you’ll discover the different ways to deal with resistance. This, in turn, will help improve the overall well-being of all other employees within your business while ensuring that those workers who may resist are able to change to fit your company’s needs. 

Training Within Industry – Job Relations


Job Relations Training a great place to start. If you are new to TWI or do not have a culture of continuous improvement in your organization, you may encounter some issues around people perception of change. Job Relations training teaching supervisors how to handle problems, how to prevent them, and most importantly, it helps establish a logical, common sense approach to handle problems with a people-centric view. At the core of the program is a focus on the value of teamwork and individual problem-solving. This training allows you to build


Job Relations teaches the four foundations of good relations with and among the employees. Implementing these four foundations helps prevent problems from arising along with helping you earn loyalty and cooperation from others. When problems do arise, using the Job Relation’s four steps of how to handle a problem will help you get the facts, weigh the options and decide, take action, and check results. Job Relations will increase productivity, improve attendance, raise morale, and improve employee retention rates.


The Visual Workplace

It’s not always easy to learn how to deal with resistance through a textbook or simply through demonstration. You need to discover the possible outcomes based on your own interactions with an employee. By learning firsthand and experiencing the situation personally, you’ll better equip yourself for the actual encounters you’ll have with workers. This is where utilizing the visual workplace from Continuous Coaching Commitment comes in handy. 

The visual workplace demonstration allows you to learn through case histories and visual examples. You can also participate within the visual workplace in order to discover what a situation might look like and how to function within this environment. No two workers are the same, which means no two workers will react exactly the same. In order to best prepare yourself for any kind of workplace resistance, you’ll need to fully discover how to react to these variables and react to different situations. 

Visual Workplace and Process Mapping

Process mapping is an extremely important technique covered with the Visual Workplace seminar. During this in-depth seminar, you’ll discover how to holistically process any and all resistance within the workplace. At the same time, you’ll uncover how to create a checklist and use process mapping to identify the desired outcome and how to reach it, with your employees, in the current situation. 

During the seminar, you’ll learn what is known as the 5S + 1 methodology, which highlights easy-to-remember (and easy-to-implement) methods for implementing the necessary changes required to correct the resistance you’re experiencing within the workplace. 

The 5S + 1 Principal

This is a form of workplace organization that comes from five Japanese words, which are shitsuke, seiri, seiton, seiso and seiketsu. When converted to English, this translates to sustain, sort, set in order, shine and standardize. In some instances, the +1 becomes a sixth S, which means “safety” (this may depend on the work environment you are in). 

By learning the 5S + 1 principal, you’ll discover new ways to implement sustainable change within your workplace, regardless of the kind of work environment you’re in. This will then help when confronting workplace resistance. 

In the workplace, it’s extremely important to have everyone on the same page. At times, some employees may resist what you ask of them. There are a handful of ways you can deal with this, but the best is to work through the resistance in order to bring the employee along without confrontation or letting the person go. This way, overall company morale increases as does productivity within the workplace. So, if you’re interested in learning how to deal with resistance through a visual workplace, now is the time to reach out and contact the team at Continuous Coaching Commitment today.

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