Kata Coaching Dojo

Event Date:

February 4, 2020

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3:58 pm

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The Agricenter International

Step-up your Coaching Skills and Help People to Achieve Outstanding Results

Having good coaches that enable teams to be more innovative and faster in problem-solving than others, that create a climate that increases self-confidence and motivation to strive for real challenges and achieve outstanding results might be one of the essential assets in competition today. This holds in business as well as in sports and even in nonprofit and vocational fields.

The Coaching Kata, a pattern with 5 coaching questions, provides an excellent starting point for anybody aspiring to coach others. However, developing excellent coaching skills is a challenge and needs practice and therefore time.


In the Kata Coaching Dojo participants improve their skill through repeated practice of specific situations.


Afterward, coaches move back to reality with increased skill.

From this training, you will walk away with…

  • Increased situational coaching ability
  • the ability to use deepening questions beyond the Starter Coaching Kata
  • Helpful tips and tricks to enhance your coaching
  • A training method for coaches to establish within your organization or team

Run your Kata Coaching Dojo

Become a Kata Coaching Dojo Trainer and Install a Coaching Dojo in your Organization or with your Clients to Develop World Class Coaches

Developing excellent coaching skills needs time as experience only builds through practice. As a 2nd Coach or internal/external trainer we usually face two obstacles:

  • coaches develop skills slowly which reduces motivation and impact
  • developing multiple coaches in parallel is time-consuming and limits our reach

A reason might be that we often rely on coaching real Target Conditions plus a 2nd coach observing and giving feedback. This creates lots of work for the 2nd coach and makes for slow learning as it is hard to put feedback from the 2nd coach into practice.

Example: Imagine a coach getting feedback from a 2nd coach today. Even if the feedback is superb and the coach fully understands it, the coach would maybe need 3 to 5 repetitions of the same situation to practice the advice received. Not to speak making it intuitive. Now, how likely is it that the same situation will appear in tomorrows real coaching cycle allowing the coach to practice?


Deliberate Practice with the Kata Coaching Dojo

The Kata Coaching Dojo is a hands-on training method that provides a reliable approach for developing coaching skills quickly through repeated simulation of specific situations in an offline environment.

Learn how to establish a Kata Coaching Dojo with a set of exercises in your company so coaches can regularly hone their coaching skills.


Tilo Schwarz is Global Management Trainer, Personal Coach and Keynote Speaker. He supports organizations and managers to successfully lead change and continuous improvement. Between 2006 and 2012, being plant manager at Festool GmbH, Tilo introduced the Toyota KATA as a main problem solving- and management-pattern. Together with his management team, he established continuous improvement as a daily habit throughout the plant. This led to winning the 2008 A. T. Kearny manufacturing competition plant of the year and a second place in the WHU/INSEAD contest industrial excellence award in 2011.


Brandon Brown is Worldwide Master Kata Coach delivering tangible and sustainable continuous improvement results as a Toyota Kata Master Coach and Lean Instructor/Facilitator.  In 2016-2019, he has dedicated much of his time to daily coaching and eaching healthcare and manufacturing professionals how to reach  challenges using the principles Toyota Kata and Lean Tools.

The Kata Coaching Dojo Method is…

  • building on the questions of the Coaching Kata
  • based on 10 years of TK experience + training
  • easy and fun to do as a facilitator
  • adaptable to a wide variety of coaching situations such as A3, huddle and standup meetings, impromptu problem solving
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Event Location:

Total Seats: 60
  • The Agricenter International
  • 7777 Walnut Grove Road
  • Memphis
  • TN
  • 38120
  • USA

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  • February 4, 2020 3:58 pm   -   3:58 pm
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